If you are looking for a puppy, we may have one for you but we have an average of only 2-3 litters a year and they are not always available.  Generally, reserving a pup in advance helps you get that "special dog".  We breed all colors, but of course they are available at different times throughout the year.

  • If you are looking for a family pet, check out the Puppy Page.
  • If you are interested in show prospects, check out the show pup page.
  • For more specific info on any of these dogs, email us at shelties@springmist.com
  • For more information about Shelties, or other sources for puppies; please check out the American Shetland Sheepdog Association site at http://www.assa.org.   This is a great source for a lot of info!

We currently show only in the conformation ring; but love for our dogs to be shown in all rings. Several pups sired by our dogs are doing quite well in the obedience and agility rings; and one pup actually ended up as the "dog in charge" of a local sheep ranch, working side by side with his owner every day! We have now placed one of our dogs as a registered therapy dog....she is growing fat from all the attention!  Shelties are multi-facted and multi-talented and should have all of their best qualities displayed.

Generally, we finish one to two champions a year; most are owner handled; unless we get overwhelmed with "good ones" and then we appreciate the help of our favorite handlers!  Our dogs must have sound attractive bodies and brains; with the head type and detail we have become accustomed to that represents true sheltie uniqueness and says "Springmist".

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